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What We Did

  • Developed a theme and vision for the collection
  • Sourced on-trend apparel and accessories
  • Revamped collection colors and seasonal items
  • Created specific marketing material and content

How We Did It

  • Paired designs with high demand blanks
  • Provided in-house professional fashion and product photography for marketing material.
  • Created, designed, and produced custom influencer kits

What We Did

How We Did It


The strategy was simple; build on-trend merchandise and market it beyond the show. It started with taking the provided art for Mythical’s “Apawcalpyse” collection and determining how the graphic placement and blank selection could turn into a successful collection. Once the products were finalized, we then produced content for the Mythical marketing team to be used for the project launch. ID Supply shot a cast of models in locations throughout DTLA with art direction influenced by Mythicals head of creative. Model shots were then paired with in-house product photography. ID also sourced, designed, and executed custom influencer boxes. The boxes were then delivered to past guests of the show such as Post Malone, Ninja, Marshmallow, and Jack Black.


Apawcalypse was one of Mythicals’ most successful releases to date. With the majority of the collection selling out the first week, it was deemed a great success. Further, ID Supply assisted Mythical in branching out from traditional influencer merchandising.