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What We Did

  • Developed trending original promotional merchandise
  • Fully in house designed and designed
  • Built collection to cater to their existing audience

How We Did It

  • Researched brand market and Motorsport/Offroading design trends
  • Strategized around field marketing activations in off-road space
  • Managed entire in-house production to meet all QC requirements and deadlines

What We Did

How We Did It


Black Rhino Hard Alloy Wheels is an industry leader in  off road, aluminum alloy wheels for the most avid of off road adventures. While their wheels are custom engineered, they are primarily for stock and lifted consumer trucks for hobbyists to further kit out their offroad vehicles. While they have  a loyal following  amongst  their users, they have  primarily grown through word of mouth and the products superior reputation. To further assist their sales team Black Rhino tasked ID Supply to create sales assets in the form of merchandise and accessories that could be distributed to their various sales reps and key accounts. The Merchandise and accessories had to be on brand for Black Rhinos audience and resonate with who they were.


Black Rhino received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both their sales team as well as their fans who loved getting their hands on exclusive items from a brand they had adored for so long. In addition to strengthening the brand, it also created a potential revenue stream in which Black Rhino intends to explore in the coming months.